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Bill and Sue Patton Scholarship Fund.

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The Hurdling Handicaps Speaking Ministries Board of Advisors is honored and excited to announce the establishment of the Bill and Sue Patton Scholarship Fund. Recipients receive financial assistance for the cost of attending a Hurdling Handicaps Great Getaway, which offers relaxation, rejuvenation, and recreation in a beautiful, serene setting for families affected by disabilities. The goal of the Great Getaway is to enable our guests to experience the love of Christ through a fun-filled week of activities, friendships, and encouraging messages.

Bill and Sue Patton, Larry’s parents, each played major, positive roles in Larry’s life. Their love, prayers, encouragement, support, tenacity and motivation are why Larry has been able to overcome so many obstacles in his life. It was their example that influenced him to become a devoted, Christian family man able to live as an independent and productive member of our society. 

The Pattons were advocates for Larry before the word was ever defined. It is because of their example of faith and loving support that the Board of Advisors is naming this Scholarship Fund in their honor.

Sue Patton went to be with the Lord over ten years ago. Bill maintains an active role in the ministry and Larry’s family life. The Scholarship Fund will provide money for various activities and resources to benefit individuals who demonstrate a positive Christian attitude in overcoming the obstacles they face.


  • Grants will range from $50 up to $500 per person or family.

  • Grant applications will be available through the Hurdling Handicaps office.

  • The grants will go towards supporting a family attending the Great Getaway.

  • The grant recipient(s) must live in the State of Michigan.

  • The grant recipient(s) must meet the criteria set by Hurdling Handicaps Speaking Ministry.

  • The grant applicants must agree to allow their name to be used on the HHSM website and the Hurdling Newsletter grant applications must include a family photo.

  • A recommendation letter from your pastor must be included with the grant application.

  • Grant applicants cannot be accepted from a family member of the Board of Advisors or Staff of HHSM.

  • The grant check will be payable and sent directly to HHSM

Tax deductible gifts can be made to the Bill and Sue Patton Scholarship Fund by making your check payable to Hurdling Handicaps and will be deposited directly into the scholarship fund account.

Note: PDF file (requires Adobe Reader).

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